Though at the time I didn’t question anything professional that my dad did, I’ve since wondered why he agreed to do a show like “The Liar’s Club” that had so little to do with his image as a serious television writer. I have heard some suggest that he did it for the obvious reason – easy money but from what I now understand, he was paid relatively little, even by the standards of the time. Although it was a silly game show, I think he did it because, despite his reputation as the “Angry Young (and not so young) man, he did have a strong silly streak. He was addicted to practical jokes and genuinely loved to laugh. I think, quite simply, he did "Liar’s Club" because he thought it would be fun, a change of pace. And it was.
The Liar's Club (1969)--Rod Serling as a game show host - YouTube► 5:33► 5:33 29, 2009 - 6 min - Uploaded by blanquepage
Contestants must discern which four four celebrities is giving the truthful function of an object. Three are lying ...