“On October 11th and 12th, The Rod Serling Video festival in Association with S.T.A.R Southern Tier Actors Read presented a stage reading of Rod Serling’s Emmy-award winning Television play PATTERNS.”

The production and the cast were (once again) terrific. Last year they presented “Eye of the Beholder.” How excited my dad would have been to see these productions come back to life after all of these decades—particularly held in his old high school.

As I wrote in my memoir: My dad said he couldn’t make up characters-- "They have to be people I’ve known. I’ve never known any businessmen very well, but I had a captain during the war who had the same kind of viciousness as the executive in Patterns. In the script, I simply put him into a business suit….”

PHOTO: Dad with Fielder Cook, director, while working on PATTERNS January 1955



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